Why Responsive Web Design Is Essential For Your Website

April 23, 2023

Responsive Web Design Blog Post

Responsive web design is quickly becoming the industry standard for developing websites, and for good reason. When a website is “responsive,” it means that the website changes it’s appearance depending on the size/dimensions of the screen that you’re using to view the site.

Have you ever visited a website on your cell phone and thought, “This looks absolutely terrible.” I know I sure have. You don’t want people to say that about your website. Mobile phones accounted for 60.66% of website traffic last year. In some instances, it’s actually appropriate to take a “mobile-first” approach when designing a site.

The worst thing you can provide your mobile users with is a poor user experience.

Responsive web design ensures a website looks great, functions properly, and is easy to use on any device, regardless of screen size, device type, or operating system. In other words, it’s the key to creating a website that works for everyone.

Additionally, responsive web design can improve a website’s SEO ranking. Search engine algorithms take into account the mobile-friendliness of a website when determining its ranking, and a website that’s not optimized for mobile devices may be penalized.

Finally, responsive web design is important for creating a consistent experience for users. When a website is optimized for all devices, users can access the same content and features on any device, regardless of size or type. This ensures a consistent experience across all devices, which can improve user engagement and loyalty.

Our web build for our friends over at Great Lakes Charcuterie Company relied very heavily on responsive web design. Seeing as just about 75% of their overall traffic is generated from mobile devices, it’s no wonder that responsive web design was a priority.

In summary, responsive web design is essential for creating a website that works for everyone. It can improve a website’s SEO ranking, ensure a consistent experience for users, and ensure a website looks great and functions properly on any device.


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