Great Lakes Charcuterie Company

A Complete Digital Overhaul

responsive web design: great lakes charcuterie company

The Project

Great Lakes Charcuterie Company, a charcuterie caterer based in Holland, MI, partnered with SEMdeck to help grow their online presence through a well optimized, mobile responsive, and powerfully fast website as well as introducing a new process for managing and accounting for their leads. We built them out an entirely website, rich with custom code and functionality, designed specifically to encourage user engagement and the generation of new leads.

Services Used

Leads Management

The Results

After a complete rebuild and redesigning of their site and an overhaul of optimization, GLC's website began to rank for new keyword in search engines almost immediately and are up to a 308.33% increase since partnering with SEMdeck. With the integration of a contact form to a leads portal, they are now able to view and manage every new potential client they get as well as add them to an email marketing list for promotional products and services. GLC's website speeds picked up dramatically after being moved to SEMdeck's dedicated server space. To this day, the leads continue to pour in, ensuring a bright future for GLC.

increase in ranked keywords

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